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We selectively do professional services, if highly strategic and timely. We review all requests and will reply with a recommendation if we cannot be of assistance. Our games drive deeper engagement and increased revenues, across platforms. Even if you have a “gamification” solution, Zobee can help to maximize the value of your existing content and traffic.

NFHS / Blue Cross Bowl
  • Average of over 125 Matchup Views
  • Average of 52 Picks Per User
  • Average of almost seven minutes per visit
  • Average of over 19 pages/screens viewed per visit
Clark Howard University
  • Over 80% of users shared the app via email or social media
  • Average of almost ten minutes per visit
  • Average of over 15 screens viewed per visit
  • Deployed across native iOS and Android apps, Facebook & Web
  • 2,000+ New Engaged Consumers through Game Play
  • 300+ Embedded Survey Completions
  • 8,500 Facebook Likes
  • Over 50% of Players Completed embedded calls to action
Micro Ventures
  • Increased Facebook Likes by 27%
  • Increased Twitter Followers by 19%
  • 14% of users clicked on “Become an Investor” link
  • Average 1.35 completed calls to action, per player

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